Liver transplant

Assessment for liver transplants and the transplants themselves take place solely at the Hepatology Clinic at Rigshospitalet.

On their homepage, you can read more about the “assessment” which has to be carried out before you can be approved for a transplant and go on the waiting list. You can also read more about liver transplants on that page. See Rigshospitalet’s homepage here


Read about other people’s experiences

Here at the Danish Liver Association, you can find articles about people, who have had liver transplants and about their lives. The articles can be found in our magazine, Levernyt. They are written by our members or their next of kin.

You can read about how people’s diseases started and how their lives were before, during and after their transplants. And also how their lives are today, several years after their transplants.

Most of those who have had liver transplants change their lives and are able to resume an almost normal life, where they are able to do the same things as they did before their disease. But the cause – or causes – of why a person needs a transplant is often different from other people’s reasons, so it is difficult to compare one transplant case to another – even if the disease is essentially the same.


Here you can ask questions for other patients

If you’ve just received notice that you have a liver disease and may need a transplant, you can ask questions for other patients or their next of kin in our close Facebook group. You will need to be a member of the group, but it’s free and easy to join.

Search for “Leverforeningen Danmark” in the search bar on Facebook. Once you’ve found the page, you just need to send a request to join from the front page. It may take a day or two before you’re accepted and can participate and ask questions. People are very forthcoming in answering questions, so ask away – and you’re likely to receive answers. 🙂