Financial support options

Financial support options that you may be eligible for

Edited by Per Baltzersen Knudsen – oct 2015


We’ve received a friendly request from one of our members, Jeanette Loft in Silkeborg.

We’ll answer that here:

“I think you’re missing some information on your website with tips on the financial support options that can be applied for when you have a liver disease. It’s difficult to know what options exist. Who to ask. What you’re eligible for. Here are the information we’ve found:”

The service law §100. Talk to your social worker at the municipality. If you’re not eligible for the subsidies for chronic patients, you may still be eligible for subsidies for your medicine. You might be able to receive a cash amount each month. How much you’re eligible for, depends on the extra financial burden caused by your disease. It’s a calculation that the municipality will do for you. If your expenses exceed kr. 6.000 per year, you’re eligible for subsidies. The service law §100 is expansive. It covers many things such as medicine, aids, homecare etc.

The municipality’s transportation service for disabled people. Contact your municipality. Cheap transportation on busses trains and taxi. For example, it only costs kr. 3 per km in a taxi. The service can be used when needed.

Disability support person service. Contact your municipality. You can bring a support person to events up to 15 hours per month. The person can be your friend or an employee at the municipality. You can save up hours for up to 6 months.

Home care. Contact the municipality. 30% discount on cleaning performed by a private home care service company.

Aid. Contact the municipality. You can borrow items for free such as kitchen devices, door handles and bath chairs. The municipality will send someone to install the items in your home.

Disability parking permit. Contact Danske Handicaporganisationer. It costs kr. 425 and is valid for 10 years. You don’t have to own a car yourself or have a driver’s license. Another person is allowed to drive you around with the permit in different cars. Start by signing up for the municipality’s transportation service for people with disabilities (you’ll save money for a medical documentation of your level of disability). Once you’re signed up for the transportation service, you’ll apply for the parking permit and append the documentation for signing up to the transportation service. Many believe that the parking permit is only available to people in wheelchairs but that isn’t true. People with walking difficulties or those who use walkers may also be eligible for a parking permit. Walkers can be borrowed from the municipality for free.

Support person permit. Contact Danske Handicaporganisationer. If you have a disability parking permit, you’ll automatically be eligible for a support person permit. You can also apply for the support person permit without having a disability parking permit, but it’ll be more difficult to get it. It costs kr. 200 and is valid for 3 years. A support person can be your good friend (not family). You’re allowed to have different people. The permit gives you large discounts such as only paying the children’s fare in busses and trains. Your support person can also for example go with you to Tivoli, Legoland, many cinemas and concerts for free.