Rules of procedure

Rules of procedure for the board of the Danish Liver Association


Voting rules

When voting, any issue is decided based on a simple majority. In case of parity of votes, the chairperson’s vote will decide.


Number of board meetings and convening

In accordance with the articles of association §11, board meetings are to be held at least 3 times per year. The chairperson will convene the board with at least 8 days warning if possible. When convening the board, a meeting agenda is to be included.


Board meeting location

In general, the board meetings will be conducted at the association’s office (at the chairperson). Conducting the board meetings in another location, can however be planned.


Meeting Agenda

At every board meeting, the meeting agenda has to include at least the following:

Approval of the minutes of meeting from the previous board meeting

Information from the chairperson on the association’s activities in the intervening period, including:

Going over the mid-term review, drawn up with details on any significant budgetary deviations.

Anything that has happened that may be of interest to the board.

Any other business.


No decision can be made at board meetings unless at least 3 members of the board are present.



Ingen beslutning kan træffes på bestyrelsesmøder med mindre 3 bestyrelsesmedlemmer er til stede.


Minutes of Board meetings

The chairperson is responsible for the writing of a decision report of decisions made at the board meetings. This will be sent out to every board member as soon as possible after every board meeting. Approval of the minutes of meeting will take place at the following meeting.


Minutes of meeting content

In the Minutes of Meeting the minimum required content is:

Which board members are present and anyone else who may be present.

Meeting agenda and any additional points of discussion

Decisions made based on the agenda.

The writer of the minutes of meeting.


Continual information flow

The chairperson takes care to, between board meetings, continually inform the board members of any situations that may have particular significance to the association.


Delegating decision making in special circumstances

In certain circumstances, the board may leave decisions to individual board members.


The current rules of procedure have been accepted by the board at the board meeting on the 8.9.2018 (8th of September)


Lone McColaugh

Anna Lise Thomsen

Morten Frederiksen

Nuria Ebbesen

Hanne Dica Trøstrup