Next of kin Support group

We’re a group of next of kin, who want to support and help, when things get tough for the members of the Danish Liver Association. We have all had quite a few different challenges when it comes to illnesses and we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge that we would like to share with others to help them.

This can be experiences and challenges connected to your social life with family and friends, financial challenges and limitations, attachment to the job market and experiences with doctors and hospitals.

We meet approximately twice per year and it is very nice sharing experiences with each other. It’s always nice to know that there are more people in the same boat, and that we’re not alone. We are all prepared to be of service to others who are in need of support when facing a difficult situation.


We have discussed a variety of topics in the groups, for example, ignorance and anxiety, which we have often been powerless against, when faced with for example liver coma.

If you need help, as a next of kin, then contact chairwoman Lone McColaugh.


Reach out to a next of kin – Click here