Contact Next of kin support group

  Next of kin writes:

As a next of kin/spouse to a liver patient I’ve gained experience in: communicating with the healthcare system, the municipality and in the challenges that may arise with an employer.

I am able to share my knowledge with those who may need it.

I live in Eastern Jutland and I’m willing to visit the next of kin if necessary.

I can be reached on my phone at: 2773 0109 after 6 pm (18.00) or at my e- mail

Next of kin writes:

My name is Sonja and I live on Funen. My husband had a transplant in 1990. If you have any questions, I can be contacted on my phone at: 2158 2597



  Next of kin writes:

As a next of kin to a liver patient I’ve, amongst other things, gained experience in communicating with the healthcare system. I can also talk to other next of kin and perhaps guide them through the needs that the individual may have.

I live on Funen and will happily visit a next of kin if needed.

 can be contacted on my phone at: 2126 8250 or mail: