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COMPETITION FOR MEMBERSVind Walter Trouts anmelderroste CD/LP Ordinary Madness

Would you like to win the blues icon Walter Trout’s latest, critically acclaimed CD / LP Ordinary Madness… with a personal greeting to you from Walter, who – together with his wife @marietrout – who’s an ambassador for Danish Liver assiociation??

We put 5 CDs and 5 LPs up for grabs for 10 lucky members. All you have to do to join is answer the question correctly: In what year is Walter Trout liver transplanted?

Send your answer by name by SMS to Danish Liver assiociation chairman, Lone McColaugh, tel. No. (+45) 21 26 82 50, followed by either “LP” or “CD”. The 10 lucky winners will be drawn on Friday, October 9, 2020 at 18.00 and is published here on the site. If you win, you will also be notified directly.

Du skal være medlem af Leverforeningen Danmark for at deltage.Du kan få genopfrisket svaret i Levernyt nr. 1 2020

Levernyt nr. 4/2020

PrefaceLevernyt nr 4 frontpage

By Lone McColaugh, chairperson for the Danish Liver Assiociation

READ LEVERNYT 4 HERE (in danish)

In these times, our way of life changes, new things are added, habits change, and everything is not as it used to be. We must all change the way we live our lives. And that’s not all because of Corona.
In this issue of Levernyt we have an interview where the person had absolutely no idea that he was ill.

Read the entire post in the magazine and many more exciting things happening.