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Levernyt nr. 1/2020

PrefaceLevernyt issue 1, published in January 2020

By Lone McColaugh, chairperson for the Danish Liver Assiociation

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Then we embarked on a new decade – the 20s. The new year is already well underway. This edition of Levernyt, have been worked on, for over 1 month. In this issue we have decided to portray a person with a course of illness who could have gone wrong, but which went rather
well. Walter Trout, one of the world’s best blues guitarists, and his Danish wife, Marie, will in the future, be ambassadors for the Liver Association.
How it’s going to happen, we have
several suggestions and you will of course be informed.
The interview in this issue of Levernyt gives a good picture of the whole process.

Read the entire post in the magazine and many more exciting things thats happening.